Harry's Pasticceria

From the palate to the heart

explosion of colours, aromas and flavours

An intoxicating niche of haute patisserie, where you can savour an explosion of colours, aromas and flavours that are heaven in a spoon.

Traditional cakes and fresh new surprises, biscuits and delicious puff pastries leavened with sourdough: our pastry chefs’ artistry will give you an unforgettable taste experience. They use the highest quality Italian ingredients, such as Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts, and sweet treats from all over the world, such as Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar and Valrhona chocolate.

Because life is sweeter if the dessert is a delicacy.

Hotel Duchi d'Aosta

Hotel Duchi d'Aosta

Harry's Pasticceria contacts


Via dell’Orologio, 2 – Trieste
tel. +39 370 30 61 141

from Tuesday to Saturday
from 11:30 am to 19:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm