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Monday, 31st July, at "Vis à Vis, Grand Hotel Duchi d'Aosta" of Trieste (piazza dello Squero Vecchio 1) it will opern a vernissage of Alexandra Mitakidis' photographies with the name "Trieste: focus sulla città", curated by Enzo Santese, an art critic. The author, from Trieste, has a long familiarity with lens, through that she loves getting sparck of the reality that usually flee from view: it's for this reason that an architectural glimpse, an object of everyday life, a boat, a portion of landscape studded with foreign elements, to her eye, become protagonists of a framing with strong scenografic connotation. That's possible also with some details (a hawser, a crane, a puddle), shooted with a contrast of light and shade, on which Alexandra Mitakidis intervenes with the computer, changing direction to image towards picturesque results thanks to strong colours, that lighten real data from weight and physicality, transforming them in indistinct traits of immagination and dream. Vernissage, that will close Septembre, 1st, creates a dialectical comparison between the main features of Trieste and its spots, less frequented by habits of citizens and tourists.

You can visit the vernissage from Monday to Fridays (non-working days excluded), since 9 to 17.